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Finding a Waldorf School

How do I find a Waldorf school in my area?
Link to our AWSNA Regions page.
Search our Affiliated Schools Directory.

How do I find a Waldorf High School?

List of High Schools   (pdf)

I've looked in your search engine and can't find a school in my area. Are there any other schools?
If you are looking for a preschool or kindergarten, there may be a stand-alone Waldorf early childhood program in your area.

Visit the Waldorf Early Childhood Association website Directory or send a message to info@waldorfearlychildhood.com

Are there any Waldorf schools for children with disabilities?

Camphill Special School-Beaver Run in Pennsylvania is specially geared towards children with special needs. Rudolf Steiner worked with developmentally disabled children for several years, and there are other schools and adult communities based out of this work.

Please visit the Camphill Association of North America's website for more information.

The Otto Specht School (grades 1-12) in the Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge, New York, is a school designed to help children who do not succeed in ordinary classroom settings. For more information see their web site or contact Jeanette Rodriguez at 845-352-5020 x30 or j.rodriguez@ottospecht.org

Waldorf Schools with Farm & Garden programs

Here is a list of educational programs designed in partnership with farms practicing organic or biodynamic agriculture
Offers many resources for homeschooling families and others, including conferences and other events.

List of Schools w/ Farm partnerships (pdf)

Where can I find an international list of Waldorf schools?
Visit the directory of worldwide Waldorf schools

Are there resources for Steiner-inspired home schooling?
Curricula, conferences and courses are available to families interested in providing homeschooling inspired by the indications of Rudolf Steiner to their children or making their children's homelife more congruent with their Waldorf schooling. These include the following organizations:

Lifeways North America
Provides training for family childcare providers, parents and others caring for children ages 0 to 6 years.


Waldorf in the Home
Offers many resources for homeschooling families and others, including conferences and other events.



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