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"Programs such as...Waldorf Schools offer small classes, individualized instruction, and flexible, child-centered curricula which can accommodate the child and do not demand that the child do all of the accommodating."
David Elkind


Waldorf Teacher Education

I'm interested in becoming a Waldorf teacher. What is the next step?
In North America alone there are more than 250 Waldorf schools in some level of development, and numbers worldwide have doubled in the last decade to more than 900 schools. Along with this type of growth is a constant demand for new teachers. The health of a school depends in large part on finding strong teachers who are trained in Waldorf methodology.

Waldorf teacher training is a two-year process if done full-time, three or four years if done during summer intensives. Many institutes also offer weekend programs or other part-time options, and some institutes offer university degrees, and if desired, state certification. While not strictly required by every state government, almost all schools require that teachers have at least a Bachelor's degree.

For more information about Waldorf teacher preparation, please visit our Teacher Education section.

How can I find a job at a Waldorf school?
Many Waldorf schools post job openings online. You might also consider contacting the schools you're most interested in directly to see about unposted openings. Open positions can be found in our Waldorf Jobs Openings page.


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