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Articles found throughout Why Waldorf Works are also posted here to ease your research needs. Many thanks go to the Online Waldorf Library for sharing its wealth of articles and other resources for use on Why Waldorf Works.

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Waldorf Education

A Look at Waldorf and Montessori Education  by Barbara Shell

Is Waldorf Education Christian? by William Ward (Spring/Summer 2001)

Steiner's Chicago Legacy Shines Brightly by Claudia M. Lenart, Conscious Choice, June 2003

The Waldorf Way by Edgar Allen Beem The Boston Globe

The Wisdom of Waldorf: Education for the Future by Rahima Baldwin Dancy
Mothering Magazine, Issue 123, March/April 2004

There is more to reading than meets the eye by Barbara Sokolov

Waldorf Education: A universal promise of cultural renewal Learn More

A Look at Waldorf and Montessori Learn More

Grades 1 -12

A Class as a Community by Dorothy Harrer

Astronomy Verses for Middle Schoolers by John Trevillion

Birthday Verses by Roberto Trostli

Drawing: From First Grade to High School by Carl Froebe

How Eurythmy Works in the Curriculum by Kari van Oordt

Waldorf High School Summer Reading List

Early Childhood and Play

The Vital Role of Play in Early Childhood by Joan Almon

School failure may be linked to lack of play in early childhood The Alliance for Childhood, October 2006

The importance of play in promoting healthy child development and maintaining strong child-parent bonds

American Academy of Pediatrics, October 2006

Winter Hand Gesture Game by Paulene Hanna

Waldorf Alums

Learning to Learn - Essays written by Waldorf graduates
Learn More

Life After Waldorf High School by Abraham Enten
Learn More

Standing Out Without Standing Alone: Profile of Waldorf School Graduates

An article-synopsis based on the Survey of Waldorf Graduates II. Based on
a sample of around 550 participants spanning some sixty years, starting
with the first Waldorf senior class in 1943 and culminating with the class
of 2005, the report issued by the Waldorf Research Institute offers an
invaluable portrayal of Waldorf graduates.

Link to PDF of article

Survey of Waldorf Graduates Powerpoint presentation (PDF)

Link to Powerpoint

Waldorf High School Graduates Survey, Phase II
Editors: David Mitchell, Douglas Gerwin
The final compilation of an extensive and in-depth survey of North
American Waldorf high school graduates. The full text of 171 pages is
available by clicking below.

Link to PDF of Survey

With a Hammer , Finding Ghosts in the Glass - by Caroline Winter New York Times 2007

For the past year, Seth Wulsin (Green Meadow Waldorf School Class of 2000) has been working on a project that uses the former Caseros Prison, an urban skyscraper jail in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as raw materials for a dynamic artwork.

Technology & Media

Ending the Commercialization of Childhood by The Alliance for Childhood

Students pull plug on their wired world Saying No to TV, video games and web surfing - except on the weekend by Andrea Gordon Toronto Star January 29, 2007

Taming the Media Monster by Thomas Poplawski

TV and ADD by Foster W. Kline

Attention-Related & Learning Disorders

On Learning Difficulties in the Early Years by Ewout Van Manen

The Waldorf Approach to Attention-Related Disorders by Kim Payne, Arthur Zajonc, Martha Hadley

Home Life

Bidding and Forbidding by Alfred Schreiber

Chaos in Everyday Life: About Cleaning and Caring by Linda Thomas

Confronting the Culture of Disrespect by Langdon Winner

Feeding the Child's Soul in Nature by Su Rubinoff

Modern Food: Is it Really Future Oriented? by Petra Kühne

Storytelling as a Healing Art by Nancy Mellon

The Importance of Sleep by Susan Johnson, MD

The Importance of Warmth by Susan Johnson, MD

The Rhythm of Life by Helle Heckmann

The Unfolding of Sexuality by Mathias Wais

Welcoming Babies  by Rena Osmer

What Nourishes Our Children? by Petra Kühne

Stories, Games, Recipes & Other Resources

A Play: The King of Waves by Jannah Walker

An Autumn Play by Suse König, H. Dietzel, W. Klein

Calendula Salve Recipes by JoAnne Dennee

Festivals by Stephen Spitalny

Games for All Occasions by Ebba Bodame

King Carrot and the Aaron Apple by a Co-worker of Helle Heckmann

Little Dawn Boy and the Rainbow Trail by JoAnne Dennee

The Rhythm of Life by Helle Heckmann

The Shining Loaf by Isabelle Wyatt

Wild Goose Lake by Lucia Mello



Winning with Waldorf II - hosted by Austin Waldorf School & Barton Creek Country Club Austin, Texas

Development and Outreach

Fundraising 101 for Waldorf Schools - Jason P. Drucker, Ph.D. & Lucy Scneider

Green Survey Article - Winslow Eliot

Book Reviews

Whittle Your Ears   - Poems, Songs, and Plays for Children by Barbara Dawson Betteridge

Archived Stories

Art For Our Sake by Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland Boston Globe September 2007

Green Meadow Robotics Team Wins Championship Alliance

The Death and Life of American Imagination
How a Generation is squandering its most critical resource The Rake November 2007

There is more to reading than meets the eye by Barbara Sokolov

Waldorf Education Lauded At Cape Board Meeting  December 2007

Waldorf Report on School Choice Praised Nationwide  December 2007

Where Creativity Flows  By Kathryn Boughton  October 26, 2007


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