Waldorf Inspired Service Weekend -Lakota Waldorf School — Miracles are still possible in the 21st Century!

“and the sun grew round that very day”
— Dylan Thomas, Fern Hill



April 19 -21, 2013

Heads, Hands and Hearts in Detroit, MI at the Detroit Waldorf School

This year the traveling Service Weekend will be at the Detroit Waldorf School in the much beset with economic woes city of Detroit. The school will get us painting, digging, wiring, carpentering (skills anyone?) and generally sprucing up the beautiful old building that houses this little Waldorf school. See the Motor City while lending a hand to a school with a long-standing special mission to serve Detroit’s children of all nationalities and economic levels.

Contact Anamyn Turowski aturowski@awsna.org in the AWSNA Outreach & Development office in Chatham, NY 518-392-0613




On the weekend of April 19th, 20th , 21st and 22nd, 53 volunteers from the communities of our Waldorf schools across the continent Alaska, Southern California, Wisconsin, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and more, Canada and even Germany gathered on the plains of South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation to help the fledgling Lakota Waldorf School there.

The agenda was ambitious but the workers were more ambitious! A 10’ X 40’ deck with cedar railings, a playhouse with curtained windows, an outhouse, a loft, plant-hand-dyed curtains for the classroom, and dozens of felted animals, table puppets were all completed in the weekend’s time.

Jackson and Kit two fourth grade Waldorf students at the Waldorf Schools of Anchorage and New Orleans respectively - built a little kitty house for a feral momma cat and her three little kittens she had hidden in prairie dog holes around the surrounding prairie. The house and their encouragement coaxed the mother to bring her kittens to the school for safety as an added bonus task for the busy weekend.

When the Kindergarteners arrived on Monday morning the thrill was complete: 15 little ones all crammed into the playhouse together, and then climbed up the loft together. Two little boys ran back and forth on the deck until they were out of breath!

Lowe’s Lumber helped with materials, selling us everything from cedar, pine, and pressure treated outdoor wood with nails, screws, cement and metal roofing to fit into our limited budget instead of starting with their own! They also delivered in the remote location for free, exchanged things when needed without any difficulty and otherwise cheered us on our way. The budget we had for materials came from a Waldorf School in Colorado that had to close a year or so ago and gave us their $3,000 contribution from their remaining assets.

The VOLUNTEERS, starting with the big-hearted dedicated AWSNA Board of Trustees (Stephan Vdoviak, Flora Seul-Jacklein, Alexander Rist, Val Bertelsen III (who brought the seat for the outhouse and the rods for the curtains!), Lynn Kern, Frances Kane and Patrice Maynard, with guests Gordon Edwards and Chaddie Hughes (whose husband, Patrick, pounded many a nail for the deck while with us), were the heroes of the weekend in the end who wrought the miracle of getting more done than was humanly feasible!

Special thanks are due to Anamyn Turowski from the Development and Outreach office of AWSNA who coordinated all logistics, to the Lakota Waldorf School who helped a great deal in preparation and local tool collection, to Bob Amis who drove with Frances Kane from Minnesota with a van full of wheel barrows, drills extension cords and other essential tools, to the Waldorf Schools Fund who helped to get people to the event, an anonymous donor who supports all Waldorf Alumni events possible. Strength through Collaboration LIVES!


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