Support AWSNA!

"If you would be philanthropic, give to education. An investment in knowledge always yields the best interest!"
- Benjamin Franklin

By investing in the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America, you are investing in the dynamic growth and development of Waldorf Education and its contribution to the children, families, and communities of the twenty-first century. The impact of your investment will be felt throughout North America in schools and families where children are valued and encouraged to become caring, competent citizens who are full of courage, vision, and enthusiasm, and who are eager to make a difference in the world.

The Association's leadership has a bold vision for the future of Waldorf Education:

  • Our Waldorf schools will be recognized as models for education in their communities and seen as the vanguard of a new idea in education with a unique and wholesome view of children and of childhood.
  • Professionals involved in Waldorf Education will be recognized as valued leaders of the renewal of education.
  • Our Waldorf schools will be adequately funded with abundant resources to fulfill their goals.

In support of this vision, the Association funding priorities are:

  • to strengthen its advocacy on behalf of Waldorf Education; and
  • to build skill and capacities in collaboration, interaction, and leadership in Waldorf schools and teacher training institutes.

Contributions make up forty-one percent of AWSNA's annual income. AWSNA receives financial support from foundations, corporations, and individual donors. Through its Annual Giving program, the Association gratefully receives gifts of any amount. In the fiscal year of 2004-2005, the Association received gifts that ranged from $5.00 to $196,500. All were appreciated as essential to our work of enriching and enhancing Waldorf Education. Every gift counts!

For more information about ways that you can contribute to AWSNA, contact Beverly Amico bamico@awsna.org



Join AWNSA's network of North American donors who support the growth and success of Waldorf Education across the continent.

All contributions to AWSNA are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers*

To make a gift, please mail your check to:
AWSNA Office of Outreach and Development
515 Kimbark, Suite 103
Longmont, CO 80501

To pay with your credit card number, please call 612-870-8310 or fax 720-633-9543.


*Contributions from Canada can be made through the Waldorf School Association of Ontario. If the gift is restricted to use in Canada, a tax deduction is then possible.



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