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November 22, 2010

Dear Friend of Waldorf,

During this season of thanksgiving, I am given the opportunity to think of all the things in my life for which I am grateful. One of these things is the Waldorf School of “Anytown”, where all of the children are nurtured and guided with love and respect, allowing them to develop trusting relationships with fellow students and teachers. I am grateful that my family found the School so that my child can experience the richness of the Waldorf curriculum and can grow up in a warm and giving community where so many individuals contribute to the life of the school.

As a gesture of gratitude, I ask you to join me in giving a gift to the 2002-2003 Annual Giving Campaign. When you make a donation tothe Campaign, we come together as a community to help children. Our participation in the campaign demonstrates to potential investors and philanthropists that we are a supportive school community, and that the Waldorf School of Anytown deserves support from the grater community. Each year we continue to strive for 100% participation from our parents, faculty and Board and a significant number of gifts from grandparents, neighbors, alumni families, and friends. All donations - regardless of the amount - are truly needed to meet the operating expenses not covered by tuition and will be received with heartfelt gratitude.

Our goal this year is $140,000. IF you are able to send your donation by December 31, 2002, your gift will be tax deductible for 2002, but the campaign will run until the end of June 2003, and gifts will be gladly accepted until then. If you prefer to make a gift after December 31, we are happy to take your pledge at this time of thanksgiving. The enclosed donation/pledge card and return envelope are enclosed for your convenience.

With all that is going on in the world today, the Waldorf School community strives to be a safe, protective environment for children. I thank you in advance for joining me in expressing gratitude to the Waldorf School of Anytown.

Best Wishes,

Susan Fields
Member, Board of Trustees and
2002-2003 Annual Giving Chair

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