Community Development Director Job Description

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  • Works with Board of Trustees to create and implement plans for the school’s present and future needs.
  • Responsible to the College and to the Board of Trustees for managing development needs.
  • Work closely with faculty, staff, Board members, parents and volunteers to raise annual funds for operating, capital, and restricted uses for the school.
  • Work to encourage and support activities that strive to build positive relationships with parents, alumni, and friends from the greater community such that philanthropic giving of time and money is welcomed and integrated into the achievement of the school’s plans.
  • Improve the profile and image of the school in the greater community.

Hired By:

  • The College upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees after a search process has been conducted. A joint search committee composed of members of the College, the Development committee, and the Office Meeting conducts the search process.

Reports To:

  • Finance Committee, Faculty, College and the Board of Trustees

Evaluated By:

  • Evaluation team, which will include the Treasurer, members from the College, Development committee, Finance Committee, the Administrative Coordinator, and the Administrative Meeting, will on a yearly basis prepare an evaluation which will be submitted to the College and the officers of the Board.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Member of the Faculty and Office Meetings and Development, Annual Giving, Capital Campaign, Alumni, Enrollment, and Long Range Planning Committees.
  2. Supervise the staff and volunteers of the Development Office.
  3. Continue to integrate a development component into the Waldorf School organization, working as a member of the faculty.
  4. Act as a development liaison to DANA, the Development and Administrative Network of AWSNA (The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America), and provide information to other Waldorf schools.
  5. Work with the Capital Campaign Chair and Capital Campaign Committee providing for staff support for completion of current phase of the Capital Campaign.
  6. Work with the Administrative Meeting, the College, the Development Committee, any other appropriate committees, and part-time consultants to plan and initiate future phases of the Capital Campaign.
  7. Work with the Annual Giving Chair and Annual Giving Committee providing staff-support for the Annual Giving Campaign.
  8. Refine and improve the computer database system for a complete development operation working with a programmer if needed.
  9. Research foundations and other grant sources, write grants and follow through on grant process.
  10. Work with the Development Committee Chair to assure professional management for development budget, acknowledgements, pledge processing, grant reporting, solicitation process, and development meetings (notices, agendas, minutes, reports).
  11. Recruit and supervise staff, volunteers and interns to assist in development activities.
  12. Publish an Annual Report and other materials for fundraising.
  13. Develop and implement a plan for formal alumni communications.
  14. Plan and coordinate special events to raise funds and he profile of the school in the greater community. Develop new sources of revenue such as bequests, etc.
  15. Work to educate and improve Board commitment and participation in fundraising.
  16. Work closely with the Admissions Director and Enrollment Committee to assist in reaching enrollment goals.
  17. Develop and implement strategies to raise the profile and improve the image of the school in the community through various media and support faculty in outreach efforts.
  18. Support committees of the Board of Trustees to coordinate fundraising.
  19. Coordinate targeting and timing of fundraising efforts to maximize potential sources.

Required knowledge, skills, and attributes:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent professional experience.
  2. Prior involvement in Waldorf School and knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy preferred.
  3. Excellent writing and communication skills.

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