Committee Evaluation Goals and Objectives

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No evaluation is complete without including specific goals and objectives for the coming period. Each committee or mandate group evaluated should be asked to participate in the creation of a personal development plan to address the shortcomings and capitalize on the strengths identified in the review. The plan should list the steps the committee will take to strengthen performance, as well as those commitments the school is making in support of the committee (e.g. financial resources, scheduling priorities).

The most helpful objectives are those that follow a SMART format:

What is the exact nature of the commitment or objective?

Determine in advance how success will be measured.

Action Oriented
What are the planned activities that will deliver the objective?

Both the person being evaluated and the school should agree that there is a reasonable chance for success, and that adequate time and resources are available to deliver a positive outcome.

Time Bound
When will the objective be completed?

See Mandate Form

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