Definitions of Vision, Mission and Values

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A qualitative imagination, which is:

  • an expression of the school’s core values
  • an expression of that which the community really cares about and to which they can commit their energy
  • the unshakable principles that guide all decisions, and actions

It typically contains just three sentences and perhaps 50 words. It includes qualitative words such as nurture, balance, gratitude, responsibility, love and reverence.


A Mission Statement is the qualitative vision statement quantified; a statement of purpose with clearly defined goals, aims, and objectives.

Using this definition, a Mission Statement would be a collection of ten to twelve points that express the means by which the Vision Statement will be manifested. The Mission Statement would use action words (verbs) to describe how the Vision Statement will be carried out.

Some examples that could be part of a Mission Statement are:

  • Apply the insights of Rudolf Steiner to provide appropriate education for the different stages of child development.
  • Provide opportunities for the ongoing professional development of the teachers.
  • Encourage and facilitate the active and meaningful involvement of the parent community.

Statement of Values

The Statement of Values is an expansion of the core values and unshakeable principles referenced in the Vision Statement. The Statement of Values will have eight to ten key words or phrases, each followed by a sentence or two.

Examples of the key words could be:

  • Education of the whole child, or
  • Socio-economic diversity.

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