Mandated Reporting

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While specific regulations vary from state to state or province to province, in virtually every instance teachers, administrators, counselors, and other professionals involved with education are required by law to report any reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect. These professionals are generally immune from civil and criminal liability for placing a report, but are frequently subject to fines or other action if they fail to report suspicions of abuse or neglect. In most areas schools are required to disclose the mandated reporting requirement to all employees, and often a signed acknowledgement of this notification is kept on file at the school.

Most reports are made by telephone, usually to a toll-free number staffed with specially trained individuals. The staffer will note the specifics of the concern and make a determination as to whether an investigation should be opened. Some states/provinces require that a written report be filed using a special form. These forms, general information and specific requirements are easily available in most states via the web.

To find information for your state or province, do an online search titled “Mandated Reporting, State/Province Name”. In most cases you will receive links to several very helpful sites including the official site for your state or province.

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