Outreach Director

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Position Summary

The Outreach Director is responsible for promoting the Waldorf School to the community with the ultimate goal of increasing both enrollment numbers and general public awareness of its educational programs (measured in part by inquiries to the school). The position is responsible for building relationships with the community in order to create opportunities to showcase and publicize our unique curriculum and educational approach. The Outreach Director supports the healthy social life of the school community by keeping parents, faculty, staff, alumni, alumni parents and other friends of the school well informed through various communications methods. This position also supports other staff members and events by creating additional communication materials, especially in the Development and Enrollment areas.

Essential Functions

Data collection/research/record keeping

  • Survey current parents regarding their first contact with the Waldorf School and identify other contacts helpful to publicizing the Waldorf School and its unique curriculum
  • Analyze current parent data on an ongoing basis to identify commonalities and trends that require action or suggest new opportunities for outreach.
  • In partnership with the Enrollment Director, identify methods to help better track how and where interested families first came into contact with the Waldorf School.
  • Develop creative innovative programs to encourage parent/friend referrals.

Media relations

  • Create and maintain a press kit for the Waldorf School, Waldorf education and the curriculum
  • Establish and cultivate media relationships for the publication of press releases and event photos.
  • Identify contacts within the Waldorf School community to serve as “quoting sources” by the media for education, parenting, and other child-related topics
  • Identify associations where the Waldorf School could contribute by providing members for an advisory board (e.g. local state university School of Education).
  • Coordinate advertising and publicity with Enrollment Director, Alumni Coordinator, and Development Director, as appropriate
  • Coordinate publicity for all outreach activities
  • Business relations

    • Establish relationships with businesses in the local/surrounding communities (both service and retail) that commonly serve the school, its faculty, staff, parents, and friends. Examples might include chiropractors, pediatricians, orthodontists, holistic/alternative medicine practitioners, child psychologists, therapists (massage, speech, physical), midwives, realtors, homeowner associations, relocation companies, local employers with relocation programs, creative arts schools, or private teachers.
    • Arrange for brochure/material distribution, referrals, or any other outreach/public awareness opportunity
    • School relations

      • Establish relationships with private schools which do not offer the full range of grades offered at the Waldorf School, and local daycare/private school/education associations.
      • Coordinate the Waldorf School’s participation in local education forums
      • Work with the College of Teachers to determine feasibility of holding alternative education seminars at local universities/education certification programs
      • Work with the Hiring Committee and College of Teachers to determine feasibility of classroom assistant internships
      • Establish relationships with local child-oriented organizations (e.g. places of worship, scouting troops, after-school/summer camps)
      • Outreach activities

        • Coordinate publicity of students’ community service events
        • Identify for teachers age-appropriate student volunteer/community involvement programs (eldercare home visits, recycling/environmental efforts, assistance with charitable/global causes) and coordinate media publicity
        • Work with Enrollment Director to publicize enrollment outreach events such as the “Walk through the grades”, “Mornings in the Kindergarten”, and “Evenings in the High School”
        • Assist with the “Rose Ceremony” and “Grandparents’ Day” events
        • Identify and communicate to teachers all local events/contests for students submit and display work (e.g. writing contests, student exhibits, debate/drama contests, art displays at fairs/festivals, airports, newspapers, Kid Expo, etc.)
        • Identify workshop/seminar possibilities in art, parenting, nutrition etc. hosted by faculty/friends of the Waldorf School where education is not the primary topic but where the Waldorf School contact is a source for further information
        • Communications activities

          • Produce weekly newsletters during the school year
          • Produce a monthly community newsletter (which includes alumni news three times a year)
          • Invoice and collect ad revenue for all newsletters
          • Update the school website on a regular basis
          • Update the community bulletin board and school marquee as needed
          • Produce the Parent Handbook/Directories on an annual basis
          • Produce the school calendar on an annual basis

Other Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Enrollment Director, Development Director, Board of Directors and College of Teachers to ensure constant and consistent sharing of ideas, progress reporting and that all materials/activities accurately reflect the school’s vision, and pedagogical ideals and practices.
  • Coordinate activities and publicity with the Alumni Coordinator and Development Director.
  • Work with the Development Director to produce the Annual Report and Annual Giving materials
  • Maintain connections with the alumni and alumni parent network
  • Prepare and mail various event invitations
  • Scope of Authority

    • Create, plan, and submit to the appropriate body for implementation and budget approval for action plans for marketing and community outreach activities/events
    • Implement action plans as approved.
    • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

      • Experience with layout and production of publications
      • Experience with obtaining and evaluating contractor bids for printing
      • Ability to design and prepare publications with a Waldorf community aesthetic
      • Ability to work on several tasks at the same time
      • Ability to solicit input from a diverse community and keep to a defined deadline schedule
      • Ability to maintain high productivity through effective organization and planning skills
      • Ability to maintain fiscal responsibility by staying within budget targets
      • Ability to perform work independently, but stay a part of a school staff team
      • Ability to show initiative, flexibility and resourcefulness when dealing with challenges
      • Must be familiar with Waldorf School operations (history, facilities, etc.), its curriculum, and the Waldorf education movement/philosophies to the degree that these points can be communicated to an uninformed community.
      • Must have the ability to build trust and cooperation between all levels of staff, faculty, parents, and the community at large.
      • Must have the skills to persuade, negotiate, and influence community members to accept the Waldorf School’s involvement in marketing and outreach activities.
      • Must have the skill to analyze collected data for trends and commonalities
      • Must have the ability to offer ideas and solutions that are creative, innovative, cost-conscious, progressive and effective
      • Education and Relevant Work Experience

        • Must have experience in marketing and/or public relations.
        • Additional experience in volunteer coordination, communication, and/or community outreach is preferable.
        • Must have computer skills and proficiently operate standard computer programs including email, internet, and desktop publishing.
        • Must have proficiency with key publication software such as Photoshop, PageMaker, or similar programs.
        • Experience in website design and maintenance is preferable.
        • Experience in communications or design arts is preferable.
        • Physical Requirements

          • Must be able to clearly communicate with others to understand them and to be understood.
          • Must be able to read and compose documents so that their intent is easily understood.
          • Must be able to effectively use a computer, telephone, and other office equipment to conduct business.
          • Must be able to lift at least 10 pounds from the floor to four feet above the floor.
          • Must be able to travel daily within the greater school community area to multiple destinations.

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