Volunteer Policy

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The school is appreciative of and dependent on our volunteer participation within our school community. To better service the needs of our volunteers the school has developed a Volunteer Program. This program is structured to better identify specific areas of interest and match them with our areas of need for volunteerism. This process assists the school and the individual volunteer to be more productive in our roles and responsibilities.

The following procedure has been implemented:

Recruitment of Volunteer Candidates

The recruitment process will be done through a variety of means, including but not limited to phone calls, email and mailings.

Interviewing volunteer candidates and targeting areas of interest

The interview process will take place through individual meetings or phone calls. Individuals fill out an information sheet, which details their areas of general interest as well as areas of potential volunteerism. If the candidate has stated an area of interest prior to the interview, a contact person from the school whom the volunteer may be working with can be asked to attend the interview session.

Selection of volunteer areas

The volunteer will select available area(s) of interest for volunteerism.


The Volunteer Manager is responsible for providing appropriate training for the volunteer. A short description of roles and responsibilities for area(s) of volunteerism will be presented. This information will include the length of commitment, who will work with the individual (supervisor/contact person), as well as any other pertinent information.

Tracking Volunteer hours

In accordance with the mandates from the Department of Labor, all volunteer assignments and hours will be logged and tracked.

Evaluation of the volunteer experience and program

Impact evaluations will be done throughout the year, in regard to the effectiveness of each volunteer experience and how it has served the school community in a positive manner.

Thank you

At the completion of the volunteer assignment, the volunteer will receive a Thank You card signed by the Volunteer Manager and any other Faculty/Staff/Administrator who was directly involved with the assignment. The Thank You should be processed within one week of the completion of the volunteer assignment.


At the end of the school year, a Recognition Event or Activity will take place to honor the dedication of the Volunteers and their invaluable role at the school.

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