Effective Practices : Enrollment

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1. Outreach and Promotion
2. Admissions
3. Transition from Kindergarten to Grade 1
4. Transition from Grade 8 to the High School
5. Registration
6. Wait List Management
7. Retention and Exit Interviews
8. Management Reporting
9. Re-Enrollment


Educating students is the purpose of the Waldorf School and, as such, enrollment is a critically important topic. Without adequate enrollment a school won’t be able to provide the full richness of the complete Waldorf curriculum, and at too low a level a school may need to close entirely. Budgeting properly for the coming school year is entirely dependent on an accurate projection of enrollment, whether the school is full or under enrolled. When a school is full the challenges are different, necessitating clear policies for wait list management. Good enrollment work is also a reflection of many of the milestones in child development - the transition from kindergarten to first grade and the transition from the lower school to high school are significant events that require both celebration and solid administrative support.

The complexity of Enrollment work is reflected in the large number of topics in this section. Some schools that were uncertain as to where to start on the path to professional enrollment management have found it helpful to conduct a short self assessment to focus their efforts. (See: Sample Self Assessment). Other schools know just where the pressing problems lie and get right to work in one of the areas listed below. In either case the focus of good enrollment work is to create a warm, welcoming and supportive environment for inquiring families and students, an environment that truly reflects the respect for truth and human life and the wonder at beauty that are the hallmarks of a Waldorf Education.

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