Effective Practices : Mentoring

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1. The Mentoring Program
2. Mentor Qualifications and Scheduling
3. Oversight and Review of the Mentoring Program
4. Evaluations and Mentoring
5. Personal Development and Enrichment

Mentoring and Professional Development: An Introduction

The topic of Mentoring and Professional Development is covered in a general way in the Human Resources portion of Effective Practices, Section 4. In this section we have documented in a more detailed way the excellent practices being used in Waldorf Schools in North America.

Two excellent books are available on this topic:

  • WORKING TOGETHER: An Introduction to Pedagogical Mentoring in Waldorf Schools, AWSNA Publications
  • Mentoring in Waldorf Early Childhood Education, WECAN Publications

The books may be ordered from AWSNA Publications by visiting the Why Waldorf Works web site (http://whywaldorfworks.org). Click on Books and More to order these and other books about Waldorf Education.

Schools wishing to review the effectiveness of their mentoring and professional development program will find the Mentoring Program Assessment Form of particular value. This tool was developed by the Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy as a part of their 3-year mentoring seminar for schools in the Northwest. (See: Mentoring Program Assessment Form (doc))

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