Effective Practices : Governance

Board Evaluations

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Some Boards have found the Board Evaluation available through NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) to be of value. For additional information contact NAIS directly through this link to their website: http://www.nais.org/resources/index.cfm?ItemNumber=151120

The AWSNA Board uses a numerical rating system in a variety of categories to secure feedback from its members on the work of the Board and to stimulate conversation about the primary areas of focus for the Board in the years to come. This form could be easily adapted to work in a school setting. See: AWSNA Board Self Evaluation Questionnaire

Another form of Board evaluation that asks a series of open ended questions is more time consuming, but can be used to more carefully evaluate the work of the Board and of each member of the Trustee Circle. See: Board Evaluation Open Ended Format

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