Effective Practices : Governance

Board of Trustees
Annual Self Review, Evaluation and Future Focus

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A. Expectations

1. What should we as Trustees expect from one another?

2. Some Trustees serve as staff and some do not. Should our expectations be different for employees and volunteers?

B. Communication

3. Is there sufficient communication available on Board issues?

4. Does the Board feel it is adequately informed regarding issues or problems that the staff is facing?

5. Do you feel the Board sufficiently communicates to staff, delegates, schools, and friends?

6. Do Trustees feel comfortable with the level of accessibility and availability from staff?

7. Do Trustees feel there is an appropriate level of openness on the one hand and confidentiality when necessary on the other?

8. Do Trustees feel they are supported in their work by other Board members, staff members, and delegates? Please give examples. If not, explain what kind of support is lacking and what would help this situation.

C. Individual

9. What are your attributes, capabilities and strengths?

10. Is the Board using them well?

11. Is your attendance adequate?

12. Are there any specific suggestions or observations that you could make in regard to another Director in terms of (a) areas for improvement or (b) areas of excellence that are not being utilized to the fullest?

13. Please list all committees, task forces, board related working groups, and special board projects that you have participated in during this past year.

14. Do you feel you have an adequate understanding of the role and responsibility of the Board of Trustees?

15. Do you feel you have a basic understanding of anthroposophy and Waldorf education? Would you be interested in recommended reading or other avenues for deepening your understanding?

D. Board Committees

16. Are you adequately informed about the Board’s committees in terms of their mandate, goals, and work? If not please explain.

17. Is there a satisfactory level of communication between the Board and its committees and vice versa? If not, please explain.

18. What do you feel were the major contributions or areas of work for each of the Board committees during this past year? Did they meet your expectations?

E. Board Meetings

19. What is your overall evaluation of the Board meetings and conference calls?

20. Would you like to hear more reports from the staff, committees, or others? If yes please explain.

21. Do you feel you were adequately heard at the meetings?

22. Are the Board minutes satisfactory in content and timeliness? If not, please explain.

23. Do you have suggestions for improving or changing Board meetings?

F. Board Work Past and Future

24. Were you given adequate information in a timely fahion in order to make sound decisions on fiscal matters? If not pleae explain.

25. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the Board?

26. What were the major areas of work/focus for the Board during the past year?

27. What do you consider to be the most important accomplishment of the Board in the past year? Why?

28. What do you consider to be the biggest missed opportunity by the Board in the past year? Why?

29. What areas should we focus on in the year to come?

30. Do you feel we have the right mix of talents on the Board to fulfill the areas of focus list above? If not please explain.

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