Introduction to Effective Practices

This project seeks to identify and share effective practices and ideas from member schools of the Association. We hope you will find this resource useful and easy to use. Our intention is that it will offer a starting point for your community’s healthy development and growth. Nothing should be construed as the only solution to Waldorf School operations nor as model policy. We hope that schools will take the following to heart:

In the world things exist and things become, but only what is in the process of becoming is alive; what is already in existence is always dead. What is in existence is the corpse of what was becoming... What people want today is to attain as quickly as possible a complete and finished view of the world. Much of what comes to expression as inner disturbances and dissatisfaction will be alleviated only when, instead of demanding finished truths, our interest awakens for participation in the coming-into-being of truth. Certainly truths must be clearly defined, but what is expressed in finished concepts always refers to something that belongs to the past. However, the truths deposited, as it were, by the past we can absorb; by so doing they live in us, and we can in this way participate in truth.

Aspects of Human Evolution
1917 Rudolf Steiner p. 160

Communities using this resource are encouraged to consider these offerings, but not to take them dogmatically. We strongly encourage you to explore and consider other possibilities, and to keep us informed of your successes. It is also our intention that this resource itself undergo continual transformation and stays dedicated to the becoming in each school. We therefore expect you to offer other inspirations, suggestions, opposing viewpoints, and sample documents that can be shared more widely with the Waldorf community. We welcome your contributions!

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