Lower School Class Trips (Camping and Day)

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Camping and day trips are an integral part of the lower school experience. The students are in an experiential setting with different challenges, social, psychological, and physical. In keeping with the Class Teachers’ interest in providing an optimal learning situation, the number of chaperones is held to a minimum, particularly after the fourth grade. This allows the students more freedom to be who they are in very different and often challenging contexts; it also allows greater interpersonal social experiences to arise.

The Class Teacher selects chaperones. Chaperones are parents/staff who the Class Teacher believes can be very aware, trusted, hardworking, and capable of being both leader and follower. The Class Teacher must also feel comfortable with these selected individuals. The responsibility is very significant and taken extremely seriously. There may be a varying degree of experience in a group of chaperones; Class Teachers consider this, as well as many other factors, in the selection process.

While one may volunteer to chaperone, preference is not given to anyone in particular. The Class Teacher will select the group of chaperones that he/she believes will best serve the children; however, he/she may very well establish a core group once a system or routine proves effective. This only serves to make the camping/field trip more harmonious, easier, and comfortable for all.

Many opportunities arise to serve the school and the children. If you are not selected to chaperone, other opportunities will be available for you to volunteer. Trip costs are the responsibility of the parents and are not included in tuition.

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