Guidelines for Conduct at Pine Hill Waldorf School

In order to ensure that Pine Hill has a social atmosphere that supports learning, we expect our students:

  • To be courteous
  • To be respectful of their peers and teachers, and all visitors to the school
  • To consider the safety of others’ emotional and physical well-being
  • To take care of their own property and that of others
  • To use polite and socially acceptable language at all times
  • To show good will by responding to requests and directions from teachers promptly and willingly
  • To be tolerant of the differences of others

Strikes are recorded as a tangible reminder that a student has forgotten (momentarily, we hope) to maintain behavior that enables us all to work together harmoniously.

Students may be given strikes for:

  • Continuing a behavior s/he has been asked to stop (This includes talking!)
  • Using disrespectful words
  • Hitting or otherwise harming someone physically or emotionally
  • Damaging school property (including graffiti on walls or desks)
  • Damaging the property of others
  • Swearing
  • Gum chewing
  • If given a strike, a student must leave the class immediately and report it to the office. Discussion or argument is not appropriate at that time, or another strike may be given.
  • In the office, the student should be able to articulate why the strike was given so that it may be recorded. The strike sheet is to be filled out in the office, and brought home for a parent’s signature. It must be returned the following day.
  • If the student feels that a strike was given unfairly, s/he should arrange to discuss it with the teacher at a mutually convenient time on that day.
  • A teacher may, after discussion, agree to rescind a strike. The teacher concerned will remove it from the ledger.

A first strike is a reminder to a student that s/he has acted in a way that is not conducive to building a cooperative social atmosphere. The student must report to the teacher who has given the strike at lunch time or at the end of the day. The teacher who has given the strike may set the student a task, either written or physical. The parents are informed.

Consequences of accumulated strikes are:

Two strikes: A parent / teacher conference is mandated, with the student present if circumstances warrant.
Three strikes: A parent / teacher conference is mandated with a member of the GMG present. The student is to attend all or part of the conference.
Four strikes: Probation. The student may be sent home at the teacher’s discretion. Four hours of community service are assigned. Other disciplinary measures may be instituted, along with suspension if warranted, at the discretion of the College of Teachers.

All strikes are erased at the end of each semester.

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