Give to the Association and promote freedom
in education in North America. Advocate for the
protection of childhood. Promote social renewal
for the benefit of communities.

Your gift to the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America lets the world know that you believe in the power of Waldorf Education and the many benefits it brings to the world beyond teachers and students in a classroom. Let people know that you stand for something different, something positive, something inspiring.

The Reach and Influence of Waldorf EducationSM in North America

  • Introduced to North America 87 years ago
  • 100% independent
  • Covers 3 countries in North America, 34 states, 4 provinces in Canada, 3 regions in Mexico, and 1 Native American nation
  • 144 affiliated Waldorf schools
  • 250+ early childhood centers
  • 17 teacher training institutes
  • 39 complete Waldorf Education programs pre-K through high school
  • 1 school entirely adapted to the needs of children with special needs (Camphill Special School, PA)
  • 1 school adopted by Native Americans (The Lakota Waldorf School, Pine Ridge Reservation, SD)
  • 165 stores sell Waldorf-inspired products
  • 8 Waldorf schools with educational programs designed in partnership with farms practicing organic or biodynamic agriculture and 157 schools with gardening and farming programs
  • 2 children’s outward bound camps for further education (Camp Glenbrook, NH, and Hawthorne Valley, NY)
  • Research underscores that Waldorf schools are the acknowledged authority on integrating arts in education
  • Acknowledged expertise on moral education and social-emotional learning
  • AWSNA publications and Renewal magazine provide a source of news and information about Waldorf Education in North America

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North AmericaSM (AWSNA)

  • Articulates the vision and defines benchmarks for Waldorf Education in North America
  • Provides mentoring and accreditation for schools
  • Provides a central resource for news and information on pedagogical and parental resources through the Why Waldorf Works website, Renewal magazine, and Books&More online store
  • Creates opportunities for association regionally and continentally
  • Strengthens association by promoting Waldorf Education more than any one school could by itself
  • Builds bridges and forges alliances with Waldorf schools, organizations, and communities in North America and around the world
  • Offers loans and grants for teacher preparation and continuing education
  • Documents and offers “Effective Practices” and other resources to Waldorf schools
  • Protects the meaning of “Waldorf Education” through the Service Mark
  • Provides advocacy and helps Waldorf Education speak with “One Voice”

Both unite a global community of schools and families in a shared mission with
shared principles.

Join AWNSA’s network of North American donors who support the growth and success of Waldorf Education across the continent.

All contributions to AWSNA are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

If you wish to send us a donation or have questions or comments please contact us:

Beverly Amico Leader of Outreach and Development 612-870-8310 x106

The Association of Waldorf® Schools of North America
515 Kimbark, Suite 103
Longmont, CO 80501
Office 612-870-8310 x106
Fax 720-633-9531


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