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"Programs such as...Waldorf Schools offer small classes, individualized instruction, and flexible, child-centered curricula which can accommodate the child and do not demand that the child do all of the accommodating."
David Elkind


AWSNA: The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) is a non­profit membership organization of independent Waldorf Schools and Institutes in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The Association was founded in 1968 to assist schools and institutes in working together to strengthen and nurture Waldorf Education and to advance Waldorf principles. Today there are over 900 Waldorf schools in 83 countries. In North America, there are greater than 160 member schools and 14 teacher education institutes.

AWSNA supports schools through collaborative regional work, professional and resource development, accreditation, community outreach, and advocacy. The Association’s work is based on four core values. These values are:

  • Evoke and develop Quality and Integrity in everything we attempt and achieve
  • Promote Strength and Resourcefulness in every school community
  • Foster, encourage, and support inspired Leadership and Colleagueship
  • Work towards conscious and collaborative human Community and Relationships

AWSNA is not a governing or management agency. It does not enter into member schools' internal matters or day-to-day operations.

Each school has its own governing body, a Board of Trustees. The Board is accountable for the institution's financial stability and future. A Board’s primary tasks are long-range and strategic. Operational matters, particularly disputes involving parents, students or teachers, are the responsibility of each school’s administration.
As such, concerns in relation to an individual school should be voiced to school administration in accordance with any complaint or grievance procedures established.

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